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DateVersion Description
2003-Jul-11 16:03    1.39    Check-in [3515]: Back out regex fix, because the changed PCRE PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY flag broke rc file parsing. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-11 15:47    1.38    Check-in [3514]: Debug regex. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-11 14:01    1.37    Check-in [3512]: More error message improvements in consistency. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-11 11:18    1.36    Check-in [3509]: Replace embedded text strings from code to constants header. Address two functional problems identified by Thomas and Ralf, namely missing error message identifiers and confusing period punctuation with info option. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-11 10:49    1.35    Check-in [3508]: Fix embedded newline regex matching bug. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-07 15:30    1.34    Check-in [3495]: More header corrections and improvements. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-07 14:55    1.33    Check-in [3493]: Correct and update copyrights and source headers. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-02 17:31    1.32    Check-in [3489]: Add temporary directory option error logic. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-02 16:45    1.31    Check-in [3485]: Remember the error string for new root permissions. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-27 16:26    1.30    Check-in [3462]: Implement common section parsing and running on execution mode. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-26 20:45    1.29    Check-in [3460]: Break off before fully implementing common section run ops, but after reorganization of class data, and additional member functions for section and script manipulation. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-23 18:09    1.28    Check-in [3451]: Complete error handling method according to all defined error values. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-23 16:43    1.27    Check-in [3447]: Edit examples and group them according to the three run modes, and improve most basic error message. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-23 13:27    1.26    Check-in [3445]: Do not remove eval mode temp files when the debugging option is active. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-18 16:35    1.25    Check-in [3444]: Removed analyzer class, removed label class, implemented list class, implemented file class, cleanup and restructure. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-13 20:33    1.24    Check-in [3442]: Sweeping cleanups. Reduced the analyzer to almost nothing. Removed unused method prototypes. Added 'parse' mode option that doesn't work yet. Removed procReadtmp. Change the way we build path names from the locations directory. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-12 16:24    1.23    Check-in [3439]: Fix shebang handling. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-12 15:27    1.22    Check-in [3437]: Complete verbose mode implementation. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-11 18:18    1.21    Check-in [3436]: Implement limited verbosity on eval modus, and begin mergin the label object and the section object. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-28 20:43    1.20    Check-in [3402]: Back out change, trying to get the default regex for label defs correct. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-28 20:27    1.19    Check-in [3401]: Slightly correct section definition default. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-27 17:02    1.18    Check-in [3392]: Fix mktemp(3) bug, causing ignorance of user suggested temp file path. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-26 10:36    1.17    Check-in [3383]: Fix eval mode by replacing empty tempdir parameters. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-23 16:14    1.16    Check-in [3378]: Mostly finish setuid(2) work in section parsing of userid, and exec mode. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-21 14:49    1.15    Check-in [3356]: Implement eval mode. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-16 14:37    1.14    Check-in [3343]: Bugfix and cleanup priority scheduling, and add similar userid parameter handling. By ms. (diff)
2002-Aug-02 22:09    1.13    Check-in [2494]: Intermediate priority implementation flush. Build is broken. By ms. (diff)
2002-Aug-01 15:25    1.12    Check-in [2466]: Added generic parsing of section arguments, adjusted defaults and tests. By ms. (diff)
2002-Aug-01 10:09    1.11    Check-in [2450]: Rooted out magic numbers and made new default value section for strings. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jul-30 18:33    1.10    Check-in [2432]: Begin coding inspection of options for combination usage errors. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jul-29 17:07    1.9    Check-in [2414]: Synchronize error and warning reporting with new return code additions. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jun-27 17:35    1.8    Check-in [2195]: Added 'all' wildcard rcfile globbing and removed location hardcoding and rcfile prefix hardcoding. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jun-26 16:11    1.7    Check-in [2189]: Intermediate committal, lots of additions, compiles and works very limited. By ms. (diff)
2002-May-22 15:29    1.6    Check-in [2146]: Fix the build, comment missing pieces, and synchronize throughout. By ms. (diff)
2002-Apr-24 18:47    1.5    Check-in [2099]: Command line option configuration and some processor operations. By ms. (diff)
2002-Apr-11 18:52    1.4    Check-in [2065]: Flush the toilet. By ms. (diff)
2002-Mar-26 18:11    1.3    Check-in [2034]: Vacation flush, mostly build configuration details. Its not building very clean right now. By ms. (diff)
2002-Feb-08 19:36    1.2    Check-in [1837]: Further abstraction and building in of the configuration logic. We now store configuration variables using OSSP val, also.

PR: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: By ms. (diff)

2002-Feb-07 13:35    1.1    Check-in [1822]: Filename changes.

PR: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: By ms.

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