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DateVersion Description
2001-Nov-04 14:21    1.22    Check-in [1248]: Channel-Only Revamping Step 2: - moved code of l2_stream.c into (new) l2_env.c and l2_channel.c - created new l2_env_t and l2_env_xxx() - changed l2_xx_create() functions to also return l2_result_t - moved error handling into l2_env_t - replaced l2_channel_stack() with two new and more flexible l2_channel_link() and l2_channel_unlink() functions - rewritten test stuff in l2_test.c to use new structure - added new l2_channel_env() function for retriving l2_env_t

Puhhh.... By rse. (diff)

2001-Nov-03 23:51    1.21    Check-in [1247]: Channel-Only Revamping Step 1: allow multiple downstream channels in order to approach the later tree-like channel-only structure. By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-13 21:20    1.20    Check-in [999]: For consistency reasons provide a l2_stream_flush() function which allows one to flush all channel (stacks) in one action. By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-13 18:18    1.19    Check-in [992]: Remove redundant runtime variable checks, added level variable check where it is needed most. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-13 14:35    1.18    Check-in [979]: Backed out changes for lmtp2nntp release testing. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-13 13:58    1.17    Check-in [974]: Check that an incoming level argument is given, but only check arguments once - in l2_stream_vlog where it counts. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-12 15:50    1.16    Check-in [957]: First cut for flush mask support. By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-12 11:42    1.15    Check-in [951]: Upgraded both stream and channel-level APIs to include new L2_LEVEL parameter design. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-06 16:37    1.14    Check-in [873]: Replace generic L2_ERROR with more granular L2_ERR_XXX and make sure that we always check with "!= L2_OK". By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-05 16:10    1.13    Check-in [865]: fix bit-check By thl. (diff)
2001-Sep-05 15:33    1.12    Check-in [861]: make sure logging message has a trailing newline By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-05 09:38    1.11    Check-in [850]: on stream attachment of a channel stack, make sure the stack of channels consists of zero or more filter channels followed by exactly one output channel. I knew that providing l2_channel_type() will be useful... ;) By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-04 16:56    1.10    Check-in [842]: cleanup level API (no need for retrieving old mask just in one function - either in all or in none). By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-04 16:17    1.9    Check-in [837]: Bugfixes and new format testing. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-04 15:52    1.8    Check-in [835]: Wohhooooo! Here comes the underlying message formatting support:

1. renamed l2_channel_setparam() to l2_util_setparam() because it is just a utility function and is not tied to any channel.

2. moved l2_util_setparam() to its own l2_ut_param.c source file.

3. added l2_ut_format.c which contains a slightly adjusted version of Str's str_format() stuff under the name l2_util_format().

4. use l2_util_format() in l2_stream.c instead of vsnprintf() and this way finally support l2_formatter_t callbacks.

5. cleanup adjustments to the l2_stream_formatter() API.

Let's rock... By rse. (diff)

2001-Sep-03 15:43    1.7    Check-in [825]: - replace "int" with "l2_result_t" in L2 channel API - use a 2^n for L2_LEVEL_XXX in order to be able to create mask - remember loglevel for each channel - rewrite test suite By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-03 14:16    1.6    Check-in [823]: revamped L2 stream API By rse. (diff)
2001-Aug-15 12:36    1.5    Check-in [675]: Fix more ossp.com references by replacing with the correct domain name ossp.org. By rse. (diff)
2001-May-26 10:02    1.4    Check-in [491]: change terminology: below -> downstream By rse. (diff)
2001-May-22 20:47    1.3    Check-in [485]: Simplify things by merging the parameter stuff into l2_channel.c and the l2_stream_t related things into l2_stream.c By rse. (diff)
2001-May-17 16:43    1.2    Check-in [473]: Implemented l2_stream_create(), l2_stream_destroy(), and l2_stream_channel(). By simons. (diff)
2001-May-10 21:46    1.1    Check-in [449]: Initial revision By rse.
2001-May-10 21:46    Check-in [450]: L2 initial source tree By rse. (diff)

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