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Ticket 164: Header doesn't work if <unistd.h> is included first

PostgreSQL 8.3's --with-ossp-uuid looks for uuid.h but, in the process, first loads unistd.h, and on Mac OS X at least, this include is not compatible with UUID. Details here:

Details here:




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2009-Feb-04 09:01:28 by anonymous:
Hi! I was wondering if there were some news on this issue (which seems to be the same issue as ticket #81). I'm facing the same problem on OS X 10.5.6 when I use AC_CHECK_HEADERS(uuid.h) in my configure.ac. Any solutions? - Jan
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Type: code           Version: 1.6.0 
Status: new          Created: 2008-Jan-28 19:02
Severity:          Last Change: 2009-Feb-04 09:01
Priority:          Subsystem: uuid 
Assigned To: rse           Derived From:  
Creator: anonymous 

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