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Ticket 122: mm Makefile does not use LDFLAGS

Could you please use the LDFLAGS variable in the Makefile for mm ?

I need to add flags to the link command and, as you don't include $(LDFLAGS) in the command to build libmm.la, I cannot inject them to the command. I had to use an ugly workaround : gmake "libdir = xxx/mm/lib $LDFLAGS". It would be much cleaner to use LDFLAGS in the Makefile.

And it would be more coherent as you include $CFLAGS in the compile command.

Thanks in advance


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2006-Oct-02 13:31:58 by anonymous:
Sorry, I forgot my email : francois@tekwire.net
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Type: code           Version: 1.4.2 
Status: closed          Created: 2006-Oct-02 13:30
Severity:          Last Change: 2006-Nov-20 20:52
Priority:          Subsystem: mm 
Assigned To: rse           Derived From:  
Creator: anonymous 

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