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DateVersion Description
2009-Jun-25 20:11    1.5    Check-in [6023]: adjust copyright messages By rse. (diff)
2009-Jun-25 20:09    1.4    Check-in [6020]: Upgrade build environment to GNU autoconf 2.63 and GNU shtool 2.0.8 By rse. (diff)
2005-Jan-13 12:14    1.3    Check-in [4959]: Adjust copyright messages for new year 2005 By rse. (diff)
2005-Jan-13 12:12    1.2    Check-in [4958]: 1. Add a convenient "svs status" command which output a "cvs update" style list of files and their status (modification or conflict).

2. Remove *.rej files on "svs vi" if a modification was done.

3. Fix "make uninstall" procedure. By rse. (diff)

2004-Dec-14 20:18    1.1    Check-in [4897]: initial cut for OSSP svs By rse.

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