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DateVersion Description
2005-Jan-29 09:17    1.7    Check-in [4990]: Fix timeout handling in various functions by fixing the internal select(2) usage: the timeout structure is (standard compliantly) modified in place on some platforms (like Linux), so its values have to be preserved before calls to select(2)).

Problem found by: Robert Wood <Robert.Wood@smdc.army.mil> By rse. (diff)

2004-Jun-26 13:16    1.6    Check-in [4605]: Allow negative values for SA_OPTION_LINGER to cover the special case of l_onoff=1/l_linger=0 where a TCP RST based connection termination is performed on close(2).

Submitted by: Alexandre Balaban <abalaban@free.fr> By rse. (diff)

2004-Apr-02 20:21    1.5    Check-in [4478]: Adjusted all copyright messages for new year 2004. By rse. (diff)
2004-Mar-26 17:49    1.4    Check-in [4463]: give credit, too By rse. (diff)
2003-Jan-31 19:34    1.3    Check-in [3132]: Fixed test suite (sa_test.c): an sa_addr_t was destroyed too early and this way crashed the test suite.

Submitted by: Brian T. Egleston <brian@egleston.com> By rse. (diff)

2002-Nov-07 07:25    1.2    Check-in [2747]: Give credit where credit is due By rse. (diff)
2002-Oct-26 19:59    1.1    Check-in [2678]: cleanup source tree By rse.

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