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DateVersion Description
2003-Jul-11 14:43    1.15    Check-in [3513]: Don't initialize self after freeing, to be consistent with standard practices (caller should do this instead). By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-07 15:30    1.14    Check-in [3495]: More header corrections and improvements. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-07 14:55    1.13    Check-in [3493]: Correct and update copyrights and source headers. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-02 17:31    1.12    Check-in [3489]: Add temporary directory option error logic. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-02 16:45    1.11    Check-in [3485]: Remember the error string for new root permissions. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-23 18:09    1.10    Check-in [3451]: Complete error handling method according to all defined error values. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-27 16:51    1.9    Check-in [3391]: Fix vector copy terminate bug, and add checks to processor. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-20 19:14    1.8    Check-in [3355]: Put priority scheduling back in, safeguard priCompare logic against invalid parameters, generally complete the print mode and exec mode processor operations for milestone one. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-16 00:22    1.7    Check-in [3340]: Implement priority scheduling with qsort(3) and priCompare(), adhere to naming standard, and bugfix. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-15 14:49    1.6    Check-in [3338]: Add sectionCopy(), sectionDump(), and vectorCount(), and change the processor object's script vector to a section vector. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jul-29 17:07    1.5    Check-in [2414]: Synchronize error and warning reporting with new return code additions. By ms. (diff)
2002-May-23 20:03    1.4    Check-in [2154]: More flush work on analyzer. By ms. (diff)
2002-Mar-26 18:11    1.3    Check-in [2034]: Vacation flush, mostly build configuration details. Its not building very clean right now. By ms. (diff)
2002-Feb-13 20:19    1.2    Check-in [1849]: Small corrections in both logic and build configuration.

PR: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: By ms. (diff)

2002-Feb-08 19:36    1.1    Check-in [1837]: Further abstraction and building in of the configuration logic. We now store configuration variables using OSSP val, also.

PR: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: By ms.

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