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DateVersion Description
2003-Jul-07 15:30    1.8    Check-in [3495]: More header corrections and improvements. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jul-07 14:55    1.7    Check-in [3493]: Correct and update copyrights and source headers. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-13 20:33    1.6    Check-in [3442]: Sweeping cleanups. Reduced the analyzer to almost nothing. Removed unused method prototypes. Added 'parse' mode option that doesn't work yet. Removed procReadtmp. Change the way we build path names from the locations directory. By ms. (diff)
2002-May-22 15:29    1.5    Check-in [2146]: Fix the build, comment missing pieces, and synchronize throughout. By ms. (diff)
2002-Apr-22 14:49    1.4    Check-in [2090]: Rearranged test commands and added comments to option identifiers. By ms. (diff)
2002-Apr-22 14:16    1.3    Check-in [2089]: Configuration string parsing logic. By ms. (diff)
2002-Apr-11 18:52    1.2    Check-in [2065]: Flush the toilet. By ms. (diff)
2002-Apr-09 19:01    1.1    Check-in [2062]: Add new configuration pieces. By ms.

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