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DateVersion Description
2003-Jun-18 16:35    1.21    Check-in [3444]: Removed analyzer class, removed label class, implemented list class, implemented file class, cleanup and restructure. By ms. (diff)
2003-Jun-13 20:33    1.20    Check-in [3442]: Sweeping cleanups. Reduced the analyzer to almost nothing. Removed unused method prototypes. Added 'parse' mode option that doesn't work yet. Removed procReadtmp. Change the way we build path names from the locations directory. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-28 21:03    1.19    Check-in [3404]: Clean up analyser object, and remove some obsolete code. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-28 17:09    1.18    Check-in [3399]: Fix incorrect variable name m_szRcs, bug fix analyzer rc list algorythm. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-28 15:12    1.17    Check-in [3394]: Replace nonportable scandir(3) with portable opendir(3) and readdir(3). By ms. (diff)
2003-May-27 16:51    1.16    Check-in [3391]: Fix vector copy terminate bug, and add checks to processor. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-26 18:03    1.15    Check-in [3385]: Preliminary exception handling repairs. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-20 17:06    1.14    Check-in [3353]: Implement rc label ordered command printing and execution. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-15 14:49    1.13    Check-in [3338]: Add sectionCopy(), sectionDump(), and vectorCount(), and change the processor object's script vector to a section vector. By ms. (diff)
2003-May-12 17:43    1.12    Check-in [3332]: Bugfix the analyser and processor. By ms. (diff)
2002-Aug-02 22:09    1.11    Check-in [2494]: Intermediate priority implementation flush. Build is broken. By ms. (diff)
2002-Aug-01 11:45    1.10    Check-in [2455]: Fix rcfile globbing. By ms. (diff)
2002-Aug-01 10:55    1.9    Check-in [2451]: Sqash double-slash pathname bug. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jun-28 19:43    1.8    Check-in [2202]: Improved section parsing and added back most error condition logic. All combinations of wildcard globbing, multiple section parsing, and error handling now work (except for a problem relating to or using ex). By ms. (diff)
2002-Jun-28 16:20    1.7    Check-in [2199]: Fixed memory bound violation and added section parsing logic. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jun-27 17:35    1.6    Check-in [2195]: Added 'all' wildcard rcfile globbing and removed location hardcoding and rcfile prefix hardcoding. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jun-26 16:11    1.5    Check-in [2189]: Intermediate committal, lots of additions, compiles and works very limited. By ms. (diff)
2002-Jun-05 18:24    1.4    Check-in [2183]: Found segfault bug to be a problem with ex_throw(3), so we go without error reporting during analysis for the moment. By ms. (diff)
2002-May-29 14:42    1.3    Check-in [2178]: Temporary debug segfault committal. By ms. (diff)
2002-May-23 20:03    1.2    Check-in [2154]: More flush work on analyzer. By ms. (diff)
2002-May-22 18:01    1.1    Check-in [2148]: Addition of configuration analyiser and related adjustments to other sources. By ms.

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