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DateVersion Description
2002-Apr-25 11:17    1.15    Check-in [2102]: ignore another autocreated file By thl. (diff)
2002-Apr-24 11:41    1.14    Check-in [2098]: ignore debug and testing input/ config/ logs ... By thl. (diff)
2001-Sep-13 20:51    1.13    Check-in [996]: Ops, lmtp2nntp's manual page should be in the Unix manual page section 8 (where system tools are located) instead of 1 (where user tools are located). By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-13 09:40    1.12    Check-in [969]: ignore ChangeLog By thl. (diff)
2001-Sep-07 15:53    1.11    Check-in [887]: The -b option now works. L2 logging included. By thl. (diff)
2001-Sep-07 12:27    1.10    Check-in [885]: ignore more files By thl. (diff)
2001-Aug-28 15:12    1.9    Check-in [781]: option -h now understands multiple hosts as comma separated list; .cvsignore test/dmalloc.log; program is now called "mail to news gateway" consequently - including case; parts of usage() and .pod can now be created from source; test suite and 00TODO updated; By thl. (diff)
2001-Aug-28 13:31    1.8    Check-in [779]: reduced dmalloc() complaints about non-free()d resources during one a "lmtp post arg cw.de.sd.apps.dev.test" run to zero regarding own code; A memoryleak in str library 0.9.5 was detected which was reported to and fixed by RSE; By thl. (diff)
2001-Aug-20 13:32    1.7    Check-in [699]: final cleanup to cleanup targets ;) By rse. (diff)
2001-Aug-20 13:28    1.6    Check-in [697]: Autoconf phase 4 By rse. (diff)
2001-Aug-20 12:33    1.5    Check-in [693]: ignore tarballs By rse. (diff)
2001-Aug-20 12:33    1.4    Check-in [692]: Autoconf phase 2 By rse. (diff)
2001-Aug-20 12:02    1.3    Check-in [691]: Autoconf phase 1 By rse. (diff)
2001-Jul-17 14:40    1.2    Check-in [542]: ralf s. engelschall first api draft By thl. (diff)
2001-Jul-16 14:18    1.1    Check-in [541]: .cvsignore By thl.

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