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DateVersion Description
2005-Feb-02 13:26    1.11    Check-in [4998]: import OSSP sa 1.2.4 By thl.
2005-Jan-24 16:03    1.10    Check-in [4979]: Adjust copyright messages for new year 2005. By rse. (diff)
2004-Apr-21 14:02    1.9    Check-in [4505]: import latest OSSP sa with changes around restarting interrupted system calls By thl. (diff)
2004-Mar-26 18:14    1.8    Check-in [4468]: import most recent lib_sa By thl. (diff)
2002-Nov-09 15:44    1.7    Check-in [2796]: Upgrade to OSSP sa 1.0.1 By rse. (diff)
2002-Oct-11 18:00    1.6    Check-in [2569]: upgrade to OSSP sa 0.9.2 and release OSSP l2 0.9.1 with it By rse. (diff)
2002-Mar-14 16:29    1.5    Check-in [2004]: upgrade to Autoconf 2.53 environment By thl. (diff)
2001-Oct-26 12:59    1.4    Check-in [1220]: upgrade to latest and greatest OSSP SA By rse. (diff)
2001-Oct-24 15:04    1.3    Check-in [1210]: Mirror improvement to external sa library source sa.ac. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-06 16:33    1.2    Check-in [1091]: Upgrade to latest OSSP SA snapshot. This time by using SA_PREFIX to hide SA inside the l2_util_ namespace prefix. By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-14 21:06    1.1    Check-in [1015]: Upgrade to the latest version of the Socket Abstraction (SA) library which is now maintained externally and will be comitted into its own module soon. This upgrade fixes the UDP protocol handling. By rse.

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