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DateVersion Description
2005-Oct-03 10:08    1.34    Check-in [5217]: Adjust copyright messages for new year 2005. By rse. (diff)
2005-Feb-03 10:41    1.33    Check-in [5005]: Fix compile warnings related to sigaction()'s sa_handler. By rse. (diff)
2005-Jan-24 16:03    1.32    Check-in [4979]: Adjust copyright messages for new year 2005. By rse. (diff)
2003-Jan-06 12:41    1.31    Check-in [3065]: - remove trailing whitespaces - adjust copyright messages - consistently use "OSSP l2" - consistently talk about "Flexible Logging" - use standard OSSP ASCII-art By rse. (diff)
2002-Jul-30 21:08    1.30    Check-in [2437]: polish for release By rse. (diff)
2002-Jan-02 18:07    1.29    Check-in [1492]: bump copyright year By rse. (diff)
2001-Nov-07 14:05    1.28    Check-in [1260]: Hell, I've seldom seen that it is needed to prepare and adjust such a lot of subtle details of existing code in order to make a new feature implementable in a straight-forward way. Anyway, here comes one more preparation change for the forthcoming channel tree specification parser:

- change l2_util_setparam() to take an l2_env_t parameter which allows the function to report better error messages.

- completely rewrite l2_util_setparam() to support calls l2_channel_configure(ch, "n1=v1,n2=v2,n3=v3") and/or l2_channel_configure(ch, "n1=%x,n2=%x,n3=%x", v1, v2, v3) instead of l2_channel_configure(ch, "n1,n2,n3", v1, v2, v3)

  This is both a step forward to make the interface of
  l2_channel_configure() more flexible (because one now can directly
  inline values instead of having them to be passed explicitly) and
  allows the spec parser not having to know the type (integer, floating
  point or string) of a parameter (which is important if one wants the
  parser to be independent of the implementing channel handlers).
 By rse. (diff)
2001-Nov-07 12:37    1.27    Check-in [1259]: More preparations for forthcoming channel tree specification parser (especially to allow the parser to determine the handler structure from a handler name without introducing another and this way redundant sub-API):

- add "char *name" to l2_handler_t in order to tag each handler structure with the corresponding channel name

- add l2_env_handler() function to add handler to l2_env_t objects. All l2_handler_xxxx are automatically pre-configured there after l2_env_create().

- change l2_channel_create() to take a "const char *name" (handler name) instead of the "l2_handler_t *h" (handler pointer) to make the stuff consistent and more clear.

- adjust l2_test.c to reflect the changes. By rse. (diff)

2001-Oct-30 19:56    1.26    Check-in [1224]: Cleanup the signal handler to avoid compiler warnings on some platforms. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-04 14:53    1.25    Check-in [1069]: Pipe and socket channel configuration-time parameter improvements. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-04 14:34    1.24    Check-in [1068]: Bug fixes and new child process blocking with oneshot mode. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-02 17:51    1.23    Check-in [1058]: Added new logic to accommodate one-shot behavior, and some changes to handle a child process that writes when it should only read. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-01 18:26    1.22    Check-in [1047]: Fixed incorrect comments. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-01 18:14    1.21    Check-in [1046]: Added graphical commentary describing new runtime reliability options. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-26 16:31    1.20    Check-in [1040]: Cleanup: always use the channel API and 1:1 pass through errors. By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-26 16:29    1.19    Check-in [1039]: bugfix pipe channel By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-26 14:10    1.18    Check-in [1038]: Fixed bugs, adjusted scope of command parse, corrected NULL assignments and comparisons, removed inconsistent command check, added fail-safe exit code. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-26 11:13    1.17    Check-in [1037]: Removed magic number, corrected comment. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-25 17:22    1.16    Check-in [1034]: Got rid of compile warnings and made minor TRACE modifications. Sorry, but there is no way to use a va_list in a TRACE call. TRACE is a macro that expands anywhere in source, so a va_list declaraction will sometimes violate ANSI c decl specs. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-24 16:36    1.15    Check-in [1030]: Debugged TRACE and added debug test code. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-21 19:32    1.14    Check-in [1026]: Yet another signal handler redesign and more reliability. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-20 18:26    1.13    Check-in [1022]: Debugging of channel's behavior logic when facing problematic children. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-19 18:39    1.12    Check-in [1021]: New implementation of signal handler and process control logic, improved reliability, some redesign, and test logic. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-18 16:38    1.11    Check-in [1019]: Pipe channel handler redesign, bugfixes, and cleanup. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-14 17:40    1.10    Check-in [1013]: Added the Thomas signal handler to catch SIGCHLD and SIGPIPE, pipe handler is now a filter not an output, new logic to test code, bugfixes. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-14 13:13    1.9    Check-in [1009]: First cut at pipe channel handler. Lacks logic to guarantee reliability. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-12 11:42    1.8    Check-in [951]: Upgraded both stream and channel-level APIs to include new L2_LEVEL parameter design. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-05 09:47    1.7    Check-in [852]: Be politically correct: channels are intended to be implemented also by users, which have only access to the public API (l2.h), so do not even try to use anything more in our own shipped channels. By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-04 21:18    1.6    Check-in [847]: Be pedantically correct: handler hooks return "l2_result_t" and not "int", although currently it is just an int/enum. By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-04 17:41    1.5    Check-in [843]: Revamp channel handler API:

Instead of passing the downstream channel to all channels we instead provide a l2_channel_downstream() function and provide the current channel. This way the handler API is prototype-wise fully orthogonal with the channel API (which it implements) and we no longer pass information to 2/3 of our (output) channels which is of no use there.

Additionally add a channel type field to l2_handler_t which allows a handler to say what type of channel it implements (filter or output). This information is now used in l2_channel_stack() to make sure that one can only stack a filter channel on top of another channel. For convinience reasons there is also a new l2_channel_type() function which allows one to query the type of a particular channel. By rse. (diff)

2001-Aug-15 12:36    1.4    Check-in [675]: Fix more ossp.com references by replacing with the correct domain name ossp.org. By rse. (diff)
2001-May-26 10:02    1.3    Check-in [491]: change terminology: below -> downstream By rse. (diff)
2001-May-11 19:07    1.2    Check-in [456]: Fill in channel handler template code. By rse. (diff)
2001-May-10 21:46    1.1    Check-in [449]: Initial revision By rse.
2001-May-10 21:46    Check-in [450]: L2 initial source tree By rse. (diff)

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