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DateVersion Description
2003-Nov-06 16:31    1.62    Check-in [3668]: fix PR#23: l2 does not terminate a message when it contains a newline By thl. (diff)
2003-Nov-06 13:58    1.61    Check-in [3664]: update bug and feature request list By thl. (diff)
2003-Mar-24 16:16    1.60    Check-in [3313]: sanity checking in the l2_ch_syslog.c:hook_configure() By thl. (diff)
2003-Jan-27 17:01    1.59    Check-in [3091]: fix iteration through non malloc(3)ed memory in l2_channel_destroy(). Bug caught on FreeBSD5 By thl. (diff)
2003-Jan-06 12:41    1.58    Check-in [3065]: - remove trailing whitespaces - adjust copyright messages - consistently use "OSSP l2" - consistently talk about "Flexible Logging" - use standard OSSP ASCII-art By rse. (diff)
2002-Jul-29 13:45    1.57    Check-in [2408]: embedding By thl. (diff)
2002-Jul-25 09:50    1.56    Check-in [2345]: proposal to cleanup code and improve documentation By thl. (diff)
2002-May-28 14:19    1.55    Check-in [2161]: disable debug code blocks; request to enhance l2; FIXME/TODO statement By thl. (diff)
2002-Jan-03 17:21    1.54    Check-in [1505]: update entries By rse. (diff)
2002-Jan-03 16:23    1.53    Check-in [1501]: updates By rse. (diff)
2002-Jan-03 12:54    1.52    Check-in [1499]: Remember to document the formatter functions.

PR: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: By rse. (diff)

2001-Dec-22 23:25    1.51    Check-in [1453]: remember issue By rse. (diff)
2001-Dec-22 23:24    1.50    Check-in [1452]: add no case support By rse. (diff)
2001-Dec-22 23:23    1.49    Check-in [1451]: remember issue By rse. (diff)
2001-Dec-14 13:42    1.48    Check-in [1428]: done... puhhh! By rse. (diff)
2001-Dec-08 21:50    1.47    Check-in [1413]: remember next steps By rse. (diff)
2001-Dec-04 09:28    1.46    Check-in [1399]: L2 really needs cronolog functionality in order to fulfill user requirements By rse. (diff)
2001-Dec-03 11:53    1.45    Check-in [1397]: Deleted items marked 'to be deleted.' By ms. (diff)
2001-Nov-30 18:12    1.44    Check-in [1394]: Reorganization and clarification. By ms. (diff)
2001-Nov-16 20:40    1.43    Check-in [1354]: Mostly finished phase in of timer code to l2_env. Buffer needs work. By ms. (diff)
2001-Nov-10 15:04    1.42    Check-in [1293]: remember idea By rse. (diff)
2001-Nov-08 11:03    1.41    Check-in [1279]: fix old prefix problem, but find new one :-( By rse. (diff)
2001-Nov-07 17:25    1.40    Check-in [1268]: remember issue By rse. (diff)
2001-Nov-07 17:17    1.39    Check-in [1265]: HEADS UP, guys:

Here comes the first cut for the long-awaited channel tree specification parser and channel tree builder. This certainly makes L2 finally THE killer library in the logging field. Woohooo... and the crowd goes wild!

It allows one to build an arbitrary complex logging channel tree out of a single textual specification. An example follows:

    noop -> {
        prefix(prefix="[%d-%m-%Y/%H:%M:%S] %L test[%P]: ", timezone="local")
        -> filter(regex="hecking", negate="0")
           -> buffer(size="800")
              -> file(path="l2_test.log",append="1",perm="420");
        error: syslog(ident="L2-Test", facility="user",
                      remotehost="en1", logpid="1", target="remote");
        panic: smtp(rcpt="rse@engelschall.com", host="en1", port="25"

This allows one to log nice timestamp-prefixed messages containing the word "hecking" to a buffered file. Additionally if the message has a level higher or equal to "error" it also logs it remotely via UDP to the syslogd on en1. And additionally if the message is a panic message, it is also sent out as an Email via SMTP to the MTA on en1.

Ever thought a C library has to be dull and simple? ;)

PS: This stuff certainly needs more polishing and cleanup and also a few things I'll enhance in the future (for instance to remove the restriction that parameter values have to be in quotation marks, etc.). By rse. (diff)

2001-Nov-07 10:28    1.38    Check-in [1258]: Good group lunchtime idea. By ms. (diff)
2001-Nov-04 14:58    1.37    Check-in [1252]: remove now solved issues By rse. (diff)
2001-Nov-04 14:21    1.36    Check-in [1248]: Channel-Only Revamping Step 2: - moved code of l2_stream.c into (new) l2_env.c and l2_channel.c - created new l2_env_t and l2_env_xxx() - changed l2_xx_create() functions to also return l2_result_t - moved error handling into l2_env_t - replaced l2_channel_stack() with two new and more flexible l2_channel_link() and l2_channel_unlink() functions - rewritten test stuff in l2_test.c to use new structure - added new l2_channel_env() function for retriving l2_env_t

Puhhh.... By rse. (diff)

2001-Oct-26 12:54    1.35    Check-in [1218]: remember ideas By rse. (diff)
2001-Oct-23 14:33    1.34    Check-in [1203]: New ideas and dreams about asynch, pipe, shared memory, and multithreading. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-23 12:05    1.33    Check-in [1201]: Implemented half-solution to occupied timer problem. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-22 17:25    1.32    Check-in [1199]: remember a view ideas By rse. (diff)
2001-Oct-19 18:32    1.31    Check-in [1198]: Added Ralf's idea of l2_ch_proxy. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-14 08:21    1.30    Check-in [1184]: Idea of action channel to conditionally run user code depending on L2 message stream content. By ms. (diff)
2001-Oct-12 14:17    1.29    Check-in [1170]: remember Thomas' issues By rse. (diff)
2001-Oct-05 12:40    1.28    Check-in [1073]: Added untested code to implement alarm exceptions in the buffer channel. The buffer will auto-flush after a user specified timeout if it is even possible to do this with a c-style exception handler. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-28 16:30    1.27    Check-in [1045]: Remember adding options to the filter channel. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-26 20:16    1.26    Check-in [1041]: brain dump to remember my L2 thoughts of today By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-21 19:29    1.25    Check-in [1023]: Remember chaining the signals if we get that far. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-20 18:26    1.24    Check-in [1022]: Debugging of channel's behavior logic when facing problematic children. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-18 16:38    1.23    Check-in [1019]: Pipe channel handler redesign, bugfixes, and cleanup. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-14 15:27    1.22    Check-in [1012]: SMTP channel is now complete By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-14 09:44    1.21    Check-in [1006]: update TODO By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-13 21:21    1.20    Check-in [1000]: update TODO By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-12 20:43    1.19    Check-in [965]: remember a few things By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-11 14:55    1.18    Check-in [935]: do not forget interesting channel ideas By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-11 14:32    1.17    Check-in [934]: update TODO list By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-11 12:17    1.16    Check-in [928]: Added idea of rewriting the syslog write hook. By ms. (diff)
2001-Sep-09 17:59    1.15    Check-in [901]: remember my personal points By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-06 16:37    1.14    Check-in [873]: Replace generic L2_ERROR with more granular L2_ERR_XXX and make sure that we always check with "!= L2_OK". By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-03 14:16    1.13    Check-in [823]: revamped L2 stream API By rse. (diff)
2001-Sep-02 17:32    1.12    Check-in [817]: Added remarks about buffer write, socket send, and output endpoint. By ms. (diff)
2001-Aug-26 14:59    1.11    Check-in [767]: Added syslog channel remarks and question about using a pointer reference. By ms. (diff)
2001-Aug-24 17:15    1.10    Check-in [763]: Added one more loggin level definition. By ms. (diff)
2001-Aug-22 20:09    1.9    Check-in [728]: Added two important things to remember - Error msgs and Doku. By ms. (diff)
2001-Aug-21 15:00    1.8    Check-in [723]: A stream could grow its member channels dynamically. By ms. (diff)
2001-Aug-15 09:41    1.7    Check-in [672]: add one idea which we could follow later... By rse. (diff)
2001-May-26 10:07    1.6    Check-in [494]: remember things By rse. (diff)
2001-May-26 10:06    1.5    Check-in [493]: forget timestamps now that I've to do it myself and we are now in holiday for two weeks By rse. (diff)
2001-May-23 23:44    1.4    Check-in [489]: test commit By rse. (diff)
2001-May-19 12:23    1.3    Check-in [474]: Remember timeplan By rse. (diff)
2001-May-12 11:27    1.2    Check-in [468]: update todo By rse. (diff)
2001-May-10 21:46    1.1    Check-in [449]: Initial revision By rse.
2001-May-10 21:46    Check-in [450]: L2 initial source tree By rse. (diff)

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