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ossp - ossp-pkg/lmtp2nntp/fixme.h 1.3
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ossp-pkg/lmtp2nntp/fixme.h 1.3

/*FIXME this structure should not be global! This is a temporary fix to allow
 * code migration from lmtp2nntp_main.c's getopt switch to lmtp2nntp_config.[ch]
#ifndef __FIXME_H__
#define __FIXME_H__

#include <val.h>
#define MAXACLS 32
#include <sa.h>
struct acl {
    char      *acl;
    int        not;
    sa_addr_t *saa;
    size_t     prefixlen;
struct nntp_st;
typedef struct nntp_st nntp_t;
#include "lmtp2nntp_nntp.h"
struct ns {
    char           *h;    /* host */
    char           *p;    /* port */
    sa_addr_t      *saa;  /* socket address abstraction */
    sa_t           *sa;   /* socket abstraction */
    nntp_t         *nntp;
    nntp_rc_t       rc;
    l2_channel_t   *l2;
struct session {
    int     lhlo_seen;
    char   *lhlo_domain;
#include <sys/utsname.h>
typedef struct {
    l2_context_t    ctx;
    val_t          *val;
    char           *progname;
    /*FIXME obsolete char           *option_logfile; */
    int             option_groupmode;
    int             option_operationmode;
    char           *option_operationmodefakestatus;
    char           *option_operationmodefakedsn;
    int             option_maxmessagesize;
    char           *azHeaderValuePairs;
    size_t          asHeaderValuePairs;
    int             option_timeout_lmtp_accept;
    int             option_timeout_lmtp_read;
    int             option_timeout_lmtp_write;
    int             option_timeout_nntp_connect;
    int             option_timeout_nntp_read;
    int             option_timeout_nntp_write;
    char           *option_mailfrom;
    char           *option_restrictheader;
    /*FIXME obsolete unsigned int    option_levelmask; */
    char           *option_pidfile;
    int             option_killflag;
    uid_t           option_uid;
    int             option_daemon;

    /*FIXME replaced by following
    int             option_aclc;
    struct acl      option_acl[MAXACLS];
    int             nacl;
    struct acl     *pacl;

    int             option_veryverbose;
    int             option_childsmax;
    int             active_childs;
    l2_env_t       *l2_env;
    l2_channel_t   *l2;
    sa_addr_t      *saaAltio;
    sa_t           *saAltio;
    char           *cpBindh;
    char           *cpBindp;
    sa_addr_t      *saaBind;
    sa_t           *saBind;
    sa_addr_t      *saaIO;
    sa_t           *saIO;
    int             fdIOi;
    int             fdIOo;
    int             nsc;
    struct ns       ns[MAXNEWSSERVICES];
    char           *azGroupargs;
    size_t          asGroupargs;
    struct          session session;
    msg_t          *msg;
    struct utsname  uname;
} lmtp2nntp_t;

#define ERR_DELIVERY -2

#endif /* __FIXME_H__ */

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